Mar 2, 2010

More writing to come as my teaching practicum comes to an end....but in the meantime a quick synopsis

I forget what i forgot as I have electricity, invertebrates and aerobics on my mind...

This past weekend there was some solid lina and Andrew nice.

awesome awesome awesome mtn bike loop right off the ferry on the sunshine coast. We met with our Justice of the peace in our biking clothes in Gibson for our wedding and kept riding on to catch highway 103 and ride up for a while and then a sweet down for awhile.... good times... and the rain held off for us as well! must do for all of you mountain bike lovers out there!

skiing Backcountry baker style... despite numerous things going against our arriving to baker (sleepin alarm, missing the turn off the highway, border, directional mishaps,....) we made it and had a fab day in the backcountry.... Skied Herman's Saddle.... had to keep it relatively low key due to avalanche risk.... just being out there no matter what we did gave us the right buzz..... love the mountains!

MT CAIN Feb 20th weekend... Telefest....

it was my first and hopefully not my last.. I am a relative beginner on the telemark skis but enjoyed the practice, the race and the good times with friends.... We skied the lift, the side country, the backcountry, drank some yummy liquids, got ourselves a tan and enjoyed good food, good friends, good music etc etc..... I'll be back

for now, its back to the books

but I do have some fun in store for the future....
Nelson COldsmoke Backcountry ski fest
Dirty Duo
Mexico 6 day sea kayak trip, Baja....

PICS! I have been lazy with camera...but others have not been. As always Paul and Andrew provide good pics and memories!

Paul Pics Mt Cain

Andrew Pics Mt Cain and Baker and more

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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