Mar 15, 2009

Vina Del Mar, Valparaiso, Mendoza, Cachagua

It felt strange to move on yet I was ready for the next adventure. Saying my goodbyes early morning and the night before to the race people I headed back on the plane to explore up north (Santiago and surrounding areas). I didn{t have much of a plan (typical Lina style) but knew that Feb 22 there was a downhill mountain bike race in a town called Valparaiso. Juan Pablo (race director of Tran Andes Challenge) was kind enough to open his doors to me. I eventually made my way to Vina Del Mar (a quaint beach town booming with summer vacationers). I walked along the beach while JP was finishing up the organization of a mountain bike marathon race he was organizing.

I thought some salt water would be a healthy healing activity but to my dismay I was wrong. The next day JP took me to the clinic to get my infected blisters cleabed...OUCH. After the hospital and a visit and luncheon in Renaca with Dzenko and friends JP and I headed to Valparaiso to check out the urban downhill Moutnin Bike race. It was nothing like I have seen before. The course involved jumps, stairs, sharp corners, trails, burms and much more. I thought it was a very creative race and a great way to get a town involved. We walked up the entire course and then made out way down as the finalists came flying past. The crowds were great. Im just glad I was one of the crowd this time on the sidelines cheering on these nutty riders.

The following day JP drove me to the bus station in downtown Santiago where I would catch a bus to Mendoza (the wine country capital of Argentina). Again, I knew little about the area except that there was good wine to be had. I met a great guy from MN on the bus which made the 7hr trip evn more pleasant. We chatted about lify things. The Mendoza crew turned out to be Josh (CO), and Damen and Randall from MN and myself. The town was booking with climbers (most going and returning from Acacongua), rafters, wine connaisseurs amd tourists.

The following morning the 4 of us headed to Mr. Hugo bikes and wines to head out for a day of sunshine, exercise (sort of) and fine wine. After many bottles, some bike epics and good chatter we found ourselves drinking more wine with Mr. Hugo himself and all the other bike and winers. A fine meal back in Mendoza was a great finish to a day of wine adventures.

Ive never actually been on a rafting tour so figured it was a great time to get introduced. Damen, Josh and I headed down with Rio Andinos raft company. We even had a Vancouverite as our guide. The whole experience was good fun, even when i got thrown off the raft, stuck under the raft and re surfaced several seconds longer than expected... Thankfully I was calm and laughed the whole experience away.

Juan Pablo and his two little ones picked me up from the bus station in Santiago and we eventually made our way to Cachagua along with Blanca (the pup), and all of our gear (surf boards, bikes, etc). We were greeted by Veronica (JP sister) and the little A frame house. After dumping off the gear we headed straight to the beach. I went for my first run in ages (barefoot and on the beach). It felt sooo good to run again. I love to RUN. The next 3 days consisted of a 1.5 hour mountain bike on a beautiful single track through woods and with some amazing views of the coast, valley and mountains. I borrowed JPs old GT bike and wore (unhappily) my running shoes (the pain from the heels was still pretty sore but I was determined to push through as playing on the trails is what makes me so happy and I was becoming very agitated with the lack of exercise in my daily regime. The days also consisted of daily beachtime (which included my 40 min barefoot run along the water), bbqs, surfing, vino, dulce de leche, good food and great people. I feel so blessed and lucky to have been so warmly accepted and taken care of. There are good people ijn this world. I hope I can do the same when visitors come and visit Vancouver. Thank you Juan Pablo and family!

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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