Mar 25, 2009

Sea Kayaking Adventures...

I am not being lazy I just don´t have much time in between all the fun we have been having... PATAGONIA is amazing. We just spent four days out on the water and I got to do something I have always wanted to do.... sea kayak with icebergs... OH YEAH.... We paddled up river and down river, with icebergs and on rapids... Geike Lake is virtually unvisited as the only way to get in is via kayak (upstream) or helicopter... it was more than cool...

more about the trip and the other trips in the near future (prob when I arrive back to vancouver... april 6th). For now Andrew has been much more on top of the photos than I so I will direct you to his photo site until I upload them to my blog etc.... there are some pretty ones...

photos here

We are now heading to Tierra Del Fuego.... before our long trip up north to LIMA.

oh yeah the heels are finally great! went for my first run in over a month this morning... I miss it and cant wait to get back into it. I truly love running and its been a tough mental battle but thanks to hiking, crocs, kayaking, yoga and other beautiful things to do I have survived and am ready for the next running challenge.. bring it on!

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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