Aug 19, 2017

I am back to Blogging: Pregnant, toddler, training, teaching, family fun.....

Its been busy times in the last 6 months. I just realized I have totally neglected my blog. So much to share and write about but its tough to fit it all in sometimes... Especially, with a growing family, jobs, training, etc.

With the new little one coming in October and some exciting new goals for the near future I thought I would resurrect the blog or at least try to:)

We have been busy, canoeing, SUPing, hiking, biking, camping, and basically exploring all that life has to offer around our home... We love taking our little man out on adventures.... with a toddler it sometimes feels like we are going on epic adventures which are just down the road:) I love it....

I am currently 30 weeks pregnant with number 2 and Tav is 19.5 months old.... its summer time so I am off from teaching in school but have been doing a bit of SUP fitness and teaching SUP throughout the summer. Its nice to feel like I am still involved in the community of SUP despite not racing this year.

Its been an interesting pregnancy this time around... Trying to juggle life with a toddler, teaching, staying in shape, home life, and socializing when I can is tough and takes a lot of will power to keep things exciting and fun.

I have learned that if you want to do exciting things whilst pregnant and with a toddler... it does take planning and effort and a strong will to go. It always seems worth it in the end because you are out adventuring, exploring and having fun and sharing it with your offspring.... We head down to our local beach everyday.... and its never an easy task, especially when I decide I want to take my SUP as well.. It takes us about 30 min or more just to get ready and get out of the house,.... and then I am that weirdo walking for 10 min to the beach with a chariot with tons of things hanging off it, a toddler in it and carrying my SUP in the other hand plus being quite pregnant and doing it all in 30+ degree heat... hahaha.. it must seem ridiculous to most...but I kind of love it hahaha....

Tav always naps in the chariot and before I was too preggos I would run him to sleep which was awesome as I would get some exercise and he would be outside and sleeping away... happy on all fronts.... then running just got uncomfortable as the pregnancy creeped on... and walking just didn't cut it for me (not enough stimulus or feeling of exertion)... so I decided I would ride him to sleep behind the bike... Again, setting up the system, getting the gear organized, etc etc... never an easy straight forward task yet I would persevere through my resisting mind and body and know once I am out there on the bike it would be awesome..... I started finding road and wide dirt routes and its been so fun.... Tav falls asleep and I get to ride my bike:)

I will be back teaching for a few weeks before I have number two and on mat leave (thank you Canada) My motivation to stay in shape and find adventures has increased as I have set new goals for myself in the athletic world.... I might not share them just yet but I am pumped and excited and oh so curious how my body and mind will react to these goals...

Its going to take so much strength, determination, spirit and desire to get myself and my kids out and moving but I feed off adventure and the outdoors and I think its strong enough that no matter how annoying it is to go explore and get everyone organized and ready we will always choose the hard path inn order to get out there and explore the world little by little and cherish every moment we have as a family. I am lucky that Andrew goes along with some of my crazier ideas and is willing to do things most dads would not choose to do:)

I will keep you posted on how its all going being an athlete, a teacher, a mom of soon to be 2 small children, and the struggles, the love and the motivation:)

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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