Nov 6, 2016

Fiji Bound: Heading to World Championships to represent Canada for SUP on Thursday:)

Its kind of mind boggling to think of what my life was like at 2015 Worlds in Mexico. How can life feel and be so different in such a short amount of time!?!?!

At the time of 2015 World SUP Champs in Mexico
I was living in Vancouver BC: now I live in Vernon/Coldstream BC a 5 hour drive east to the land of sun, orchards, lakes, and even more of an outdoor paradise...

I was contract outdoor ed teaching/living the life of a PRO SUP athlete: Now a PE teacher in the public school systems and slightly less feel of the PRO athlete life but there is still some lingering aspects that I hope stick around for a while yet:)

I at the time did not know I had a baby growing inside of me so with all do respects I was childless: now have a 10 month old baby boy named Tavas.  He just rocks my world in all the right ways:)

My hubby and I owned an apartment: we now own a house and Andrew did an amazing job on the new kitchen we renovated.

I knew a whole crew of amazing folks and now know an even larger crew of amazing folks:)

I digress...

Its been a roller coaster of a ride in all the right ways.... Following your dreams and passions and excelling at them is never easy: The training, the logistics, the team building, the life balance. I have had good weeks and tougher weeks.... Juggling the job, motherhood, being a wife, training, adventuring, friendship building etc its been a blast but definitely has had some challenging moments. I love it is one fullfilling adventure and I would not have it any other way;)

Am I ready for Fiji? I have no clue.
Did I train enough? I have no idea.

What I do know is that I got out on the water when I could, I got to the gym when I could and I embraced as much creativity to make me feel as prepared as I could considering my circumstances. I bike to work, I run with Tav for one of his nap times, I work out in the basement, etc.

I am excited to represent Canada for my 3rd ISA. This is one of my favourite races of the year as there is so much country pride and it is about so much more than just yourself.... I am always so proud to represent Canada. I would love to hear the anthem once again...

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to all of those that have helped me get to these world champs. I have had support from close and far and do not even know where to begin in the repayment of heart felt gratitude.

I am beyond stoked to finally have a full Canadian team at the ISA champs:) This is our first year of full representation among all disciplines. We have a rad crew with great talent and I can't wait to see what each athlete can do... but no matter what I am beyond proud of each of them and feel so lucky that I can captain such an amazing crew:) GO CANUCKS:)))))))))))))

What am I racing? I am racing an 18km distance race. Map below. It looks epic and stunning. Pretty stoked... it also sounds like there will be a whole bunch of different conditions, surf, open ocean, flat, chop, downwind.... interesting to see what it will shape up to be like... This is d=typically my stronger discipline but I think it will depend on the conditions and how my mind and body react. I have not had very much ocean time since moving to Vernon (lake country) and having a baby....

and a course race..... looks kind of epic... It was originally planned in a more subdued part of the ocean which was more of my thing but hey I will go out and enjoy the ride as much as possible:) Hopefully my surf legs come back to me pretty quick;) I do naturally have great starts and it seems like a fairly short course so it will be interesting to see how my mind and body react to the course presented below:)

So I am off on Thursday leaving my husband, Tav, and students at VSS in Vernon. (Lucky for Tav and Andrew, Andrew's mom is flying in from the UK to help out:)) I am off to travel to a warm paradise to continue to follow my passions, inspire, compete, live the dream:)))))

Thank you to family, SIC, Tourism Vernon, Werner Paddles, Nikki Rekman Sales, Sun n SUP, OnIt PRO, Kavu, SUPSkin, UB Super, ClifBar, Ryders Eyewear, Kalavida Surf Shop, and friends near and far.... I hope I can do you all proud, I hope I can do Canada proud:)

You will be able to follow the event on the ISA website at

live, love, laugh,..DREAM!


Xx said...

Proud of you Lina!
Beautiful honesty in the ups and downs and successes and challenges of following your path. It takes a very determined, confident, and hard working person to attain the goals that you have attained. You always had it in you :)
I am wishing you a wonderful trip to Fiji. Whatever the outcome you have placed your mark as an exceptional human!!! Congratulations on your achievements as an athlete, mother, and wife.

Hristo Yanev said...

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rithkhmer said...

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