Jun 21, 2016

Yukon River Quest: Prep

rolling my board loaded with gear form the our house to the lake:)

test run with my gear:)

trying out my boobpump system:)

The Yukon River Quest is only a week away. WHAT?!?! Where has time gone?

Between being a new mom, making sure Tav is healthy, learning, having fun etc, trying to get some workouts in, teaching SUP, being a wife, and have some sort of friends still like me, the YRQ race has just sort of arrived.  I had hoped to do a lot of blogging, a lot of training, and a lot of prepping etc but alas it just wasn't in the cards....I have done some, so I hope its enough:)

Its funny how I really thought I would have time in front of the computer screen blogging, and sharing stories but it turns out  I am on the computer very little, on the phone even less..this is good except when you want to share with others your experiences:)

People are going to ask and want clear information on my preparations of the YRQ especially if I make it to Dawson city (which I seriously hope I do,... but this is no small feat let me tell you). Can running with tav, feeding tav, changing tav's diaper, and singing to him count as things that will help me out on the river? Maybe? hahaha

Andrew has been my brains behind my systems. I actually think I have a pretty good gear set up obviously huge thanks to SIC Maui I will be on a 14ft XPRO and Werner paddles I will be paddling the grand prix and have a three piece nitro as my extra paddle on board. The rest I will leave to explain as the races near and I am feeling a little more relaxed.

We are driving up, all three of us, some extra boards and a whole lot of camping gear. We leave tomorrow;) I am looking forward to exploring and camping and I hope Tav is just as good in cars as he is on planes and in airports:)

In Whitehorse people have been so kind to make sure we have a place to stay and look forward to hanging with UpNorth Adventures, Colleen, and others.

Does this count as training for YRQ?
live, love, laugh,..DREAM!

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