Apr 14, 2016

Tav is 14.5 weeks old: I've got less than 2 weeks until my first race since giving birth

I started this blog post 3.5 weeks ago...here is how it began

Thanks to SUPtheMag and SIC for these great articles

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TAV experienced his first trip to Florida along with many other firsts. He also proved to be a great traveller which is grand since we had a total of 6 flights and 10 more within the next 5 weeks:)

Florida was a great opportunity for me to paddle everyday out in the ocean. Lucky for me the wind was up so I could to practice in the bumps. We also walked and swam alot and enjoys the pleasantries that Florida provides

Present Day:
Since Florida Tav has been on 4 more flights to Ottawa and back over the Easter weekend. We went to visit his great grandma, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandpa, and friends... He got to meet his first dog (Seth) and experience his first easter traditions:) We also had the grand pleasures of experiencing a snow storm, ice storm and everything in between:)

I got out to some gyms and did lots of running...And I got to join in for a little paddle with the Toronto 24 hour crew in Port Credit

Now Tav is 14 weeks old. He is babbling a ton grabbing everything, licking even more things and generally just a happy go lucky kind of man... Andrew is on paternity leave so I have taken the opportunity to up my training. We are less than two weeks out from Carolina Cup and I feel pretty good. I still need to increase my strength/power but my body feels healed and have definitely increased my intensity levels although at the same time TAV is growing quickly and so my energy levels have dwindled a little with the increase in exercise and the growth of TAV.... The weather in these parts has seemingly gone from winter to summer and seemed to have skipped through spring?!?! I am not complaining... but the water is still very chilly... Can't wait to get TAV out on the board with me:) There will be A LOT of water time after Carolina Cup in preparation for the Yukon River Quest:) I need to figure out a system where I can paddle and pump at the same time... Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated:)

With this awesome weather I have also been out on the mountain bike again which has felt amazing, I just love the trails around our house. Living a doorstep away from the trails and water has allowed us to still get out and enjoy the things we love without the hassle of commuting by car:)

I have been heading to Crossfit Vernon to help increase my strength and power, those guys run a great gym with a great community, I feel very lucky to have landed in such a great little piece of paradise here in Coldstream/Vernon BC.

Live, Love, Laugh,...DREAM!

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Anonymous said...

Lina, I think you are super human! Are you sure you are not bionic. I can't even imagine doing 1/100th of what you have done after Karolina was born. You are amazing and living the life. Wonderful husband Andrew!!! Miss you both! Ruta