Sep 22, 2014

World Series #4 Huntington Beach: Never give up

I had three choices this weekend... 1. A race where I stood a good chance of winning(race and cash) because it was a race I was good at 2. UK with my hubby OR 3. World Series SURF race (leading the world series but surf racing not my forte). I chose the surf race for a couple of reasons but knew there was a chance I would find hardship where the other choices had better chances of success...I definetly chose the hardest/riskiest choice and put myself outside my comfort zones where risk and emotional distress was possible. 

Day 1 The Sprints
Big Waves, rough beach break...swirly ocean.. the name of the game on Day 1
 In the sprints I found the hardship, I learned some things, was challenged, and had to accept defeat (good lesson but not as fun as winning:)) I didn't make the finals...AHHH.... It was hard but thanks to a solid group of people who supported me, I shook it past me,.... this stuff happens... its all in the name of racing:) Racers rocked it though and totally conquered the waves... I would stand on the start line and think"holy crap how am I ever gonna get past the first wave...hahaha BUT I did... 
Day 1 coming into the beach photo by Harry Wiewel

I have to thanks the Howson's (Harbour Surfboards) for taking me in as one of heir own. They are the kindest, most selfless, fun family: Moe and Jade are amazing daughters and Kris and Robert are parents I strive to be like:) They provided a roof over my head, changed their plans to get me to the races (otherwise I wouldn't have made it), they provided support pre-during-post races, they helped me out in more ways than one. I am ever so grateful and blessed to have crossed paths with this unbelievable family. Check out Harbour Surfboards at Seal Beach (their shop) and watch out for Jade Howson, a 12 year old girl that is gonna rock this sport very very soon! 
Candice, Jade, and I photo: Robert Howson

Day 2, Long Distance: a new day
Mens start for long distance race photo: race

after effect of strong shorebreak

The swell was down but there was still plenty of shorebreak and waves to deal with. This was not the standard distance race.. actually it was more like a long short course BOP style race. 5 laps and each lap we had to surf into the beach and run around a flag and get out again. So, not really my style of distance racing but again good practice for the upcoming races... 
I luckily had a decent start and then managed to hold it together for the five laps..... I made some mistakes and had to deal with waves but was able to use my power and strength out on the longer paddling sections to hold onto a second place finish.... The second in the distance and 7th in the sprints gave me a 4th overall standing. Thanks to all the wonderful athletes for their positive stoke and positive words out there.... you all rock:) 
top three distance race photo: Robert Howson

running into the finish photo: Robert Howson

Interview time photo: robert howson

Magically, I am still leading the world series tour for the ladies... but not by much and the last race is another surf race.. clearly my favorite(joke)!Practice Practice Practice.... smile smile smile:) :) All this will only make me stronger... and I am already wayyyyyyy better in the waves... and it is fun:) its all about the journey, the people, the learning, the challenges, and then seeing the improvements and sharing:) 

Battle of the Paddle is up next:)

live, love, laugh,..DREAM!

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