Aug 29, 2014

Toronto to Hawaii to Hood River.. Life on the road

I've been busy enjoying the moments, the travel, and the people that I have failed to sit and spend time with my computer.  I am now in Vernon, BC the day before our big race here in Canada and have found some time to reflect on all the amazing adventures from the last couple of weeks.

From Maine I got the chance to pop back up to Canada to visit my sisters and dad in Toronto. Luckily everyone was in one spot for the few days that I got to be there. Even though it wasn't home for me it felt like home being with family. Unfortunately, I don't get to see them very much being so far away and travel within Canada being so expensive. I mostly concentrated on my niece and nephews... they are beautiful little tiny beings that are changing soooo quickly.... Some of the simple pleasures: I got to go swimming with Kiefer, enjoy rides on Toronto Island with Krissy and the gang, and pretty much fell in love with Lukas.... the happiest, most chill baby ever.. I love spending time with my sisters, I actually get pedicures, dress up, go shopping... haha things I rarely do back home (we do more than that but they do live in a BIG city where these adventures are easier...)
Augaitis girls with Tete!


Kiefer with cotton candy and SIC shirt

 Leaving family was difficult, but I was making my way back to Hawaii/Waikiki which is pretty darn awesome too.  I had been there two weeks before at the finish of M2O with some of the same fellow paddlers that I now found myself with again... It was great and comfortable. I had my first upgrade experience on the plane.. woohoo first class... food, easy sleeping.... I am all about it...
Ultimate showdown event was different and a really great event but not my forte with a surf competition and wave racing... but I went, as I wanted to challenge myself and be part of the experience. So great to see the SUP community from athletes to industry, Onit Pro good to see you were there! Well, I experienced unbelievably positive support from other athletes, realized that I can have very bad races, experienced that teammates are the best (Sonni many many thanks), and most importantly that racing is just a small part of who I am...

Acai bowl: had these everyday
Team SIC in Oahu Sonni, me, Livio

Hood River is a magical outdoor paradise... I think if I wasn't so in love with BC it would be a place I would like to live... You got mountains, trails, and water, and a really cute fun little town... This year it was even more magical getting to spend my time with the SIC family, where we happen to be in a gorgeous house, with a killer view, and racing in a stellar event, the Gorge Paddle Challenge which also happen to attract the best of the best this year. I also had another family there at the event, Werner Paddles, thank you for the support!!!! I was feeling a little down from the past weekend and put some pressure on myself to do well (in the course race). I was not gunning for overall just yet as my skill set just isnt there in the waves but in the course race I put the highest expectations on myself. I needed to clear my head and start a fresh and for some reason I couldn't shake off my performance in Oahu... Luckily for me the course race went well... I pushed hard and managed to pull off a second place among some pretty amazing ladies. I was actually happy with my downwind races the next day too. I didn't podium but I felt better out there in the waves... I cannot compete yet with racers that downwind/train in the waves on a daily basis.... I havent had time to go and learn this year with racing all the time... but compared to before I am improving and that is what counts....

Racers chillin after the race

end of day 2 not sure who took this photo?

paddling in race photo: Mike Dowd

Podium day 1: 2nd place

Team SIC with Aquino kids Junior Warrior Team

Team SIC in a van

Thanks kids for making me feel like a STAR! Signing Autographs

Now I find myself back in BC Canada. I am not quite home yet but close enough...
I have been in Vernon BC working with Kalavida Surf Shop, teaching clinics and getting the Kalamalka Classic ready for the weekend. I also got the chance to fly in a small plane from Vernon to Penticton thanks to Pete from Naramata Sun N' Sup. I had the chance to head down there to teach a clinic as well. Naramata is just the loveliest, peaceful, beautiful place. I truly enjoy sharing my knowledge and passion with others... gosh I just love teaching:) (which is a good thing since I am a teacher)...

Kalavida Surf Shop Clinic 1 photo Dot Jordan

Naramata Sun n SUP

Clinic at Sun n SUP photo: Eileen M

CLinic Sun N SUP photo: Eileen M

My ride from vernon to Penticton/Naramata THANKS Pete!

Kalavida surf shop and those associated with it really make me feel like I am at home... maybe some day it will be my home:)?!!??!!?! I am spending time at friend Allan's house... with some pretty unbelievable folk...LUCKY lucky girl.... thank you for taking care of me!

I finally will see my man tonight:)))))))))) STOKED! and then will spend two weeks back in Vancouver before the last trip down the coast to California for the end of the main season of racing. So, far its been a wild, beautiful, unforgettable ride....

I am a little over airplane travel... so am excited to travel by land for a little bit... (other than the four seater Pete style flights... that I could do all the time:))

life surely is one big amazing adventure...

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!


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