Jan 1, 2014

La Push: moments.... bringing in the New Year

I was travelling on New Years eve... I didn't have internet or time to do a flashback of 2013.... It was a year of new things, good friends, outdoor fun, and lots of racing.... Now it is all about 2014!

Me on my last wave of the day on New Years Day at first beach La Push. Photo by Andrew Dye
I feel lucky to bring in the new year with my man/hubby/best friend... Andrew.... at a new beautiful place: La Push, WA... this is my first excursion to the west coast of the Olympic Peninsula and it will not be my last. This place is unreal... I think it may even be my new little haven...
juggling with sticks at Second Beach on New Years Day!
New Years morning...at First beach la push. Andrew on log

I know 2014 will be filled with many fabulous adventures: I can't wait to let it all unfold....

Thank you to everyone who has supported me in all aspects of life. I truly could not be where I am without you... You are all amazing!!!!

The internet is very slow here and could not include all of Andrew's amazing photos so check out the link below for more pictures...

CHECK out more pics HERE!

live, love, laugh,..DREAM!

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