Sep 10, 2013

Round the Rock, Seattle SUP race

Photo by Andrew Dye

Round the Rock was this past weekend. A grueling and beautiful 13 mile SUP paddle around Mercer Island. Last year I raced on a 12'6 in attempt to beat all the 14ft boards... I managed to come 3rd overall.... This year I went for a different approach of paddling the 14ft and go for the record:) 

I am sooooo busy with work right now that this will be quickly written in efforts to go to bed before midnight:) 

Andrew and I headed over to Seattle to meet with good friend and photographer extraordinaire Colin Meagher. He cooked us a lovely meal and we caught up over food and drinks(mostly water for me:)) I was feeling beat from the hectic week at work and tried to head to bed at a reasonable hour. 

The next morning I got myself organized in the usual manner of applying Onit Pro to my Starboard, drinking some Nuun, waxing my Werner paddle, and general stretching and mental prep(I dont actually do anything specific for this:)

At the start line I got myself to the outer buoy away from folks and hammered off the start to try to escape the crowds. Then I just paddled hard and tried to keep the lead pack of guys in my sight. I had no one to draft but had some guys around me to help me focus when my mind started to wander. I wasn't sure how fast I was going but at some point I thought I could maybe break the record, and I wanted to stay in front of the pack of guys right behind me so I just paddled hard. I think I may have broken the record? I for sure stayed in front of that pack of guys and I for sure came 10th OVERALL and 1st female overall... I am super stoked about everything. I think I am feeling slightly drained as I am still quite sore but totally happy and  proud. 

It was great to see folks from PNW, meet new people, and of course give high fives to my fav BC folks.... Everyone from BC paddled really well this past weekend and I am so proud to be part of that group of fine fine paddlers..... 

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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