Aug 12, 2013

Tahoe Nalu 2013

Practice on the 2014 Starboard All Star (12'6 x 25.5)
I once again met such amazing people at this event. I love the SUP community!!!!! THANK YOU for being so supportive and welcoming. 

After a great 10 miler race on Saturday I was excited for the Survivor race. I was curious how I would fair in a turning course. My forte is distance flat water but I am working on my course racing as well. It was 3 heats for the ladies. Eliminating racers each heat. The first heat was won by Morgan. I won the second heat with Morgan second. So it was down to the final... I was feeling good... nervous and excited on the start line. I had a solid run to my paddle and THEN.... I had my OOPS. As I picked up my board to run into the water quite quickly the nose fell forward and dug into the sand. It stopped me in my tracks. I was a little shocked but recovered quickly but Morgan and Gillian were already up and paddling. It was catch up time. Gillian also didn't have a perfect race falling in after the second buoy turn. It was my chance to pass her and I did and then Morgan was my target. Luckily there were two longer straight sections and I just put my head down and paddled as hard as I could. I was catching up. Morgan has a stronger buoy turn than me and there were two more buoy turns until the finish chute but I was gaining I could hear the announcers and the crowds.... BUT I couldn't catch her, she is a very strong paddler. In the end I was about a board length behind her and came in 2nd. It was a fun battle and part of racing is dealing with what happens.. I am very happy I didn't give up and gave it all I could, mistakes happen.... Apparently I provided some entertainment as well:) It was a good paddle paddled by all female paddlers. YAY! 

The starts of the Survivor Race

My OOPS on the final lap... :(

Elite Survivor Champs


Thank you SUPracer, Werner paddlers, Nikkir Rekman Sales, Starboard Boards, Onit Pro, Ryders Eyewear, Chacos, Laiph,... You all help me make it happen!

Live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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Mike T said...

Congrats and thanks for the look at the new All Star:) Hard to believe my 2013 is already a relic:( Brian told me they were fast!