Aug 11, 2012

Tahoe Nalu SUP Festival

I have been riding my mtn bike for 13 days out of the last 15 days... It's been AMAZING but most would probably say not the most ideal SUP training.... Well, I have my theories.... and been hoping that it is decent training for the next two BIG SUP races I have entered. I figure since I haven't been able to train on a SUP board for a year; two extra weeks wouldn't make that big of a difference?!?... I felt pretty good after my first race back at the Eastern CAN champs, winning helped:) Thanks to our road trip and my amazing hubby Andrew, I was able to try out two bigger races. Races with big prize money and hence PROS. These races could give me a starting point and let me assess where I stand up against paddlers that paddle all year, race a ton, and for some it is their career.

I finished last year off with a high winning many races around BC and feel that now I want to try and expand my racing further. I know I need to get back and figure out some proper training for SUP and I know it will still include all the activities I love to do but just in different percentages... I believe that my love for multi sports has helped me get me to the level I am, a level with very little SUP specific training... I am KEEN to see where my natural talent combined with specific training can take me... I want to be among the top ladies... right now I think I can get there... but it will take hard work.... it shouldn't and won't come easily....

Photo by Jennifer de Jung

Tahoe Nalu Day 1

10 miles
I was racing an older starboard Surf race 12'6 x 26.5
I was using a starboard carbon enduro paddle
We had to carry pfds so I had the mustang inflatable waist pfd

We started in knee deep (if you were tall and thigh deep if you were short like me!) water all in a line. It was a there and back course. I kind of just got in line... probably too far left but I am knew at this.... I had a BAD start. I jumped up on the board right away and just couldn't get a stroke in as we were squished together and got boxed out and had to just sort of wait until I could actually get my paddle in the water... I got a little flustered but eventually managed to wiggle my way around folks and get a rhythm... unfotunately I could see some ladies out in front already... I just put my head down and paddled. I managed to pass a few and keep my eyes on Brandi and Candice but knew I probably wouldn't be able to catch them (but that didn't stop me from trying...) The water was bumpy and had some awkward waves here and there.. I did stay upright the entire race... on the return I was pretty nervous not to draft some men (illegal to draft people from other categories) so I kept to myself on the outside of the line which maybe was a mistake? Don't know... I will have to ask about strategy. At some point a girl I had passed on the way out...passed me about half way back... I tried to dig deep but just couldn't catch her again... She beat me by about 5 seconds... OUCH... !

I got 4th but 4th to some of the best of the best so I can't really complain... actually I am quite happy about this. I was 5 minutes behind Candice Appleby (really probably the strongest female in the SUP community at the moment...) My future goal: to give SUp ladies like Candice, Brandi, etc a run for their money!

Coming to these races is difficult mentally... 1st: I don't know anybody 2nd: I don't have the experience others do 3rd: I am used to be being known as one of the top females.

It is important to do things that are uncomfortable, scary, unknown,.... I think it is the only real way to improve in all aspects of yourself. Although I get weird jitters inside, and nervousness of the unknown I really love putting myself out there!

more photos from Day 1 racing

Day 2

Race start beside the fast Candice Appleby

sprinting into the finish!


In short: FUN and very difficult at the same time. Three loops of a W shaped course, three starts, all loops counted for points. My strengths the first paddle to the first turn.... each turn I managed to lose some ground.... I NEED to practice my pivot turns! Ha, awesome experience though, got the heart rate way up there and look forward to more of these paddle festivals....

4th overall among the elite women!

It has been an awesome experience competing against these FAST ladies... it has definitely inspired me to get myself organized and start training specifically for SUP and just see where I can place among these incredible athletes! So, I have to say I am proud of my accomplishments this weekend and excited for the possibilities that may come in the future!

live, love, laugh,..DREAM!


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