Jun 4, 2012

Walking the streets of Shanghai

I had found cheap flights to Shanghai through elong awhile back so we decided to take the plunge and head out to the east coast of China to check out the big city. I am not much of a city goer but couldn't pass up the opportunity to check out one of the main cities in China after living here for a year. We had finished all of our scheduled marathons, and luckily my body was pretty tired and in need of a rest (I never really gave myself recovery time after the Great Wall Marathon and I think it all caught up to me).

Our traveling arrangements worked out as planned with no real glitches. For us a day and a half was enough time to get the feel of the city. We stayed at the Mingtown International Youth Hiker Hostel, which was in walking walking distance to just about everything! Nice. We did our own walking tour of The Bund, Old Town, French Concession, People's Park, Nanjing Street, and other small attractions. We did manage to find the opening of a photography festival Rankin, which included a live cover band and cool display of photos. We also managed to a cool little alleyway we read about a onflight magazine. We spent the afternoon on a mission to find this little gem that reminded me a little of home in east vancouver. Andrew posted some pics on flickr... 

Sunday morning we did go for a little run along a small river which gave me the endorphins I needed to last me until more physical activity could be exerted upon arriving back in YC:)

less than a month to go...

live, love,laugh,...DREAM!

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