Jan 11, 2012


Two more days and we are off for 4.5 weeks!
Andrew and I are planning to go hiking, mountainn biking, rock climbing, hopefully completing our SUP expedition CHINA and maybe a little rest here and there!We are going to see Yunnan and Guangxi provinces in China (maybe Hong Kong?!?), northern Vietnam and some of Thailand. We are trying to travel mostly by land but we had to sneak in a flight or two to make it all fit into 4.5 weeks.

I LOVE adventures!

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!


magn6494 said...

lina! andy here (jason's brother) (:

i take it you aren't in canada anymore? when are you back? if you're returning by the summer, get in touch as i'd love to discuss an idea with you (involves SUPing!) ....

magn6494 said...

magn6494@gmail.com (forgot to add that...)