Apr 14, 2011

My time At Durrand Glacier Coming to an End...

I have a tough time with endings... Well perhaps it is not an ending but a new beginning? A beginning that involves new friendships, new experiences, and lovely memories! I am heading back to Vancouver in a couple of days after a winter in the backcountry of the Selkirk Mountains.

It is still snowing like crazy but we managed to take advantage of the three days of sun we've had in the last week and a half... Skied the back side of Tumbledown, which means little to anyone who doesn't know the area but it is a beautiful glacier run that is around 3000 feet long... amazing!

We also did an acroyoga photo shoot with the school.

I also taught Florina and Charlotte how to slackline. Due to our location we had to add a spin to the regular barefoot slacklining as the only trees around were above 4 metres of snow... So, it was slacklining Durrand Galcier style: with snowboots!

We are fnishing up our snow cave home/bar today and will sleep in it tonight! Exciting, Florina shotgunned middle penguin for the night (smart lady).

Unfortunately, I also managed to get sick for these last two weeks first with I think a stomach lining bug/acid problems.... I didn't mention it to any of the many doctors around until I had to leave half way through dinner one night and was sitting beside a helpful general practioner who recommended tums etc.. It saved me! Once I cured myself of my stomach pains a sinus/cold infection took its place just to keep things exciting! At least the cold isn't as debilitating as the harsh stomach pains.

Today we painted easter eggs: Lithuanian style (with bees wax and candles!) We have a contest tomorrow....mine are good but not as good as the chef's...bummer for being blessed with athletic abilities rather than art abilities...or is it?!?!?

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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