Nov 15, 2010

Sweet Turns

This weekend, two friends and I headed to Steep Creek to check out the early season snow situation off the Duffey Lake Road. We managed to ski on snow the entire way into camp. It took us about 3 times as long but we enjoyed the pleasant weather and adventurous climbing, over, under, through, tree trunks, rocks, and streams. I managed to get one ski through the lake by accident... oops but all was well just some wet skins..

Sunday we ventured up through the forest to the clearing... it was tough going through the forest but made for some fun route making as there were more than normal amounts of obstacles in the way. Up high on the knoll our first descent was YES through POWDER...pretty impressive turns for early season...Unfortunately our second run proved to be a little noisy as we scrapped some rocks that were hiding underneath the snow... but managed some good turns still.. The adventure continued throughout the day but we had SUN, we had SNOW, and we had SMILES...

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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