Jul 27, 2010

Hanes Valley Trail, Deep Cove, SUP, school, wedding and honeymoon planning...

I am one busy lady right now...

There is 1.5 weeks of school left with 4 major assignments. I am just trying to keep my head above the water.... One full year of school is almost over and I will officially be a teacher... Woohoo! Its been a long but beautiful ride...

Because of my poor attention span and focus I can't actually do work for an entire day so Saturday my break consisted of running the Hanes Valley Trail with Andrew... He was feeling a little ill but is a superstar and pushed onwards. This is a fun trail that goes from the Lynn Valley Headwaters to the Top of Grouse Mountain. You run along the river, past Norvan Falls, through the valley and then climb up boulders and scree to Crown Mountain Pass. From there you follow the trails over Dam and Goat Mountains and find yourself at the Grouse Mountain lodge. If you don't start at 4pm then you might even make it in time for ice cream.

Workin at Deep Cove Canoe and Kayaks is fantastic! I feel so lucky to be involved with such a stellar group of people all around. That being said I was there for 11 hours on SUnday.... I got myself a nice tan on face and arms!!!!

Tuesday Night Races:
This Tuesday Night I met up with the Trident folks and I had the pleasure of trying out a new paddleboard from Starboard called "The New". it is 12 6' in length and 23.5' in width. It is a full on racing boat and not sure now if it was me or the boat really but the two of us together definitely picked up some speed. I was mingled among the surfskis. I was a little worried about stability but I managed to stay upright the entire race!!!!

I enjoyed the easy maneuverability of the board. I could turn it when I wanted and with ease and quickness. I also enjoy the acceleration of the board. It typically takes me a couple minutes to get going but found I could get up to speed quite quickly and efficiently.
I thought the stability would affect my stroke but found that I quickly adapted to the width and with my surprise paddled with ease (luckily, it was a relatively calm night out in the cove..).
It is fast...
All in all it was fun, I especially liked the extra challenge of the stability and the speed!
The race itself is a stellar one: one of my favorite multisport (paddle, run, swim) races...
Look forward to the next one!

Now its time for more school assignments, wedding planning, and whatever amount of work and training I can squeeze in in between!

Live, Love, Laugh,...DREAM!

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