Nov 17, 2009


I am busy..... so this will be short

Remembrance day: we took advantage of the day off and the recent snowfall and headed for the mountains. Not only did we find snow....we found thigh deep snow! We headed up the Coquihalla, to Needle Peak. Despite a pre organization to meet our Irish friends, the highway patrol, heavy snowfall, bad highway conditions and lack of phone service we failed to meet up. Dan, Paul, Andrew and I had a fantastic day anyways....

Paul took some amazing photos that you can check out here

Andrew took some pics as well here

Jack's photos here

I just skied....

This past weekend.... was our annual mud ride in comox valley..... well, we got more than mud....we got tons of snow as well... Saturday was a respectful couple hour ride in light powder snow with minimal rains while SUday turned out to be a little bit of an epic. The rain was rather torential and as we rode up frobidden the snow became deeper.
We pushed, we rode, I swore a little, we were cold and wet and yet I think I saw tons of smiles (I was too cold for smiling...hehe) it was fun but I think I am ready to hang up the bike for the skis now (for the most part)

during the week, its running, crossfit, yoga, circus, etc time.... all good things

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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