Aug 7, 2009

Back to Running, Crossfit, and water sports

This week my leg was beginning to feel much better so I started back into running... Although not much of it really. I'm at 45 minutes of flat running. It's mentally tough to feel like you have taken major set backs due to an injury. I just have to believe in my fitness level and realize this is the right way to get back into running: baby steps and patience.

My squats can not go past 90 yet so crossfit workouts have been mostly focusing on upperbody and I can feel the difference. On my regular Tuesday night kayak racing in Deep Cove I paddled the double surf ski with Johnny and felt great for the entire 10km course. Normally my arms and back and wrists would be killing me... Yay for getting stronger!

This weekend I will be off to the Sunshine Coast riding and first aiding with Great Explorations. It is a two day ride along the amazing single track of the Coast with a yummy bbq salmon dinner.

life is good!

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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