Feb 27, 2009

i now I have some updating to do and I will soonish..right now I am playing

race report from wenger patagonia expedition race to come

pictures of vina del mar, mendoza and conchegua to come

right now there is mountain biking, surfing, beach lounging to do...

santiago is a big city
valparaiso has a sweet urban downhill race every year

vina del mar is like daytona beach of chile... lots of people lots going on...

mendoza has started a sweet idea.. bikes and wines... drank too much wine thanks to Mr Hugo... went rafting...good fun...

conchegua is a sweet beach twon full of high class folk but totally chilled out and not built up. it has killer single track trails right in its backyard... surfing, kayaking, donkey riding... the list goes

es la vida

live, love, laugh,..DREAM!

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