Aug 7, 2008

Cottage Fun!

Cottage Fun at Crow Lake: It was great to see the family.

It was good fun getting ready for the wedding. Lots of stuff happening: blowing balloons, baking 150 cupcakes with icing and sprinkles, packaging little mushroom cookies, table setting, seating plans and the list goes on and on.....loved every moment of it though...

The wedding was amazing…the bride gorgeous the groom handsome and the wedding party out of this world(hehe)!!!! The band fantastic, the food was delicious and the speeches interesting and leaving us with wanting more...the cottage setting was perfect!

Day after the wedding.....Rasa, I partied hard just for you!

The cottage is the one place in this world where I feel 100% at home and in my essence….there was more relaxing going on than one can imagine (after the wedding)….

Some of my fav things at the cottage:
Swimming across the lake, kayaking, rowing, chillin on the dock …
Ping pong in the barn, running along dirt roads, and reading..always lots of reading….
Fishing, cliff jumping and frog catching…..

It was so great to catch up and just chill (although a little hectic before the wedding) with my family…I love them to pieces!

I also got the pleasure to teach my sisters some acroyoga

Live, Love, Laugh,…DREAM!



Anonymous said...

what?!! who is that dark haired girl in the pink bikini?!! can i marry her! :D


p.s. hanes was fun. lots of rain. st helen's was even better though.

Jaya said...

Lina, congratulations to your whole family from mine!

Your blog is wonderful!

Jaya :)