Jul 7, 2008

Seek the Peak and Biathlon Training

SJ and I headed up to Squamish on Friday and spent some good quality SJ and Lina time chatting about life and catching up. The weather wasn’t looking too hot but we had plans to meet up with SJ’s friend Ilmar (the provincial biathlon coach and a great cook and cyclist)…. We met up at Corsa cycles after the boys came back from their weekly Friday night hardcore road rides…we had some beers and I got to run into an old friend Mike…It’s always nice to catch up with some good people…following beers at the bike shop (p.s. I love beers at bike shops…one of my favorite things to do) we headed to Ilmar’s and got treated with lots of wine and good food euro style…good convo, great wine kept us up until late…

8am driving to the Olympic Nordic Park for our first Biathlon training…SJ was a sharp shooter, can’t quite say the same for myself…but I was looking through the wrong hole…that’s my excuse. After shooting practice we got to try out some roller skiing…fun stuff but a little different than the snow. SJ and I had to boot it back in order to bring back the rental car in time in Van…our plan was to ride the trails back to Squamish….to make a long painful story short….there was lots of rippin our mtn bikes down the road in the pissin’ rain… we learned some lessons the hard way that day.

Seek the Peak

I joined some fellow lady VANOC colleagues in a relay race up Grouse Mountain. It is a wonderful event that supports breast cancer research. I was the second runner. 6km up….I’m not sure what my time was but it was good fun….I got a little frustrated with people who didn’t understand the words “on your left” but gotta take those things with a grain of salt….they just weren’t used to someone running by then at lightning speed…haha.. We ended up a solid 1st place in the all female relay category. Nice work Ladies!

I later got to enjoy and check out the MEC paddlefest down at Ambleside Park, some pizza with fellow adventure racers at Taylors crossings and a solid mountain bike ride on the Mt Seymour trails.

All in all a wonderful weekend spent with some fabulous friends.

This week its all about rest for the big Knee Knacker Trail Run on Saturday. The races are on the rise again for the next month and a half…bring it on! Woohoo!

Live, Love, Laugh….DREAM!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lina,

It's MElanie from the Steed team. I was wondering if you are planning on attending the XC Finals at Mt. Washington at the end of August? I was hoping to get a large group of us together to head over but it sounds like most of the guys are going to be away.

Let me know if you are interested.



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