Jan 20, 2008

YETI : Mt Washington

Friday night Tim and I headed over to the island to race in the first of 4 races in the Yeti series. If you are not aware of what Yeti racing is, it is one of the newest trends among runners....snowshoe running. I know, what you are thinking...snowshoe running? what will they think of next? A relatively new sport that is increasing in popularity by the week. For the runner in us it is a fun and different way to run in the winter. I believe in using the four seasons that we are blessed with to their fullest so why not strap on some snowshoes and go for a run on snow in the woods, the mountains, the alpine.Believe it or not it is tough. Actually, it is deceivingly difficult. This particular race was my second time running on snowshoes and yet again I was shocked at how much energy and effort is required to conquer what one might on the trails or on the road. More on that to come.

After some adventurous times we made it to Mt Washington, the race start. After a busy sign up, we went for a warm up jog on some of the lower trails, I was quickly feeling tired...and hence a little nervous that I would totally zonk throughout the race as I could remember the weekend prior and how tired I felt after 2km and... this was a 10km race. At the start line, my strategy was to start slow and just go at my own pace and try to maintain it throughout the 2 laps. The race began on an uphill, tough but it was a groomed large trail, the single track throughout the first lap was tough, especially for the folks in front, there was tons of powder and so it felt like you were running through sand with these weird things on your feet. The second time round was much easier and smoother as the single track was well patted down from all the racers but then fatigue was settling in so not that much easier... I was pleasantly surprised at my result and how I felt at the end of the race. I was getting a little tired and my lungs were burning a little on the second lap and unfortunately my back was tighting up and seizing..I believe to my tight hamstrings...I need to stretch more! I ended up getting past by a female on the last half of the second lap and just couldn't catch her. In the end I was not going to complain about my second place finish. The awards were held in the chalet with some munchies and mingling. I got the chance to catch up with a couple of good friends which is always good times. All in all a great experience and am looking forward to Yeti number 2.

live, love,laugh,...DREAM!

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