Dec 9, 2007

December6/7th 2007 Red Heather and Grouse

The Perfect Date with myself!!!

Saturday morning it was nice to sleep in past 6am and chill, have breakfast without rushing to go find some pow. In the afternoon I decided to hike up BCMC, I brought snowshoes and skates. I managed to reach the top as the sun was setting. Unfortunately my camera was experiencing some technical difficulties and I don’t have any pictures of the most stunning sunset I’ve seen in a long time. It was the perfect evening, after watching the sunset I put on my skates and skated around the ice rink on top of grouse…I really enjoy skating but is something I rarely end up doing. Despite growing up in Ottawa with the famous canal I have difficulties stopping at times and skating backwards. Hockey is something I’ve been meaning to try for a number of years now….maybe a couple more hikes to the top of Grouse are in need... Not only did I do some great outdoor activities I managed to squeeze a little home bound Christmas creativity before the end of the night. Catherine and I built our very own gingerbread houses!!! YUM!

Red Heather

Geoff, Andrew and I headed out to Red Heather in Squamish for a fun little day ski touring trip.

To be honest I did not have high hopes for sick pow today….I was pleasantly surprised with the conditions. The morning brought us some blue skies and beautiful views and in the afternoon we managed to find a couple of good turns with a layer of the fresh stuff….

We finished the day off in proper ski touring style at the Pub…..

All in all a different weekend from the last month but great nonetheless…I love BC!!!!


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