May 9, 2018

Team Sunova in Thailand: traveling across the world with my 6 month old

Photo by Andrew Cassidy
I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into only 4 days after coming home from 5 days with Aiste in North Carolina to compete at the Carolina Cup. My first race back from post second baby. This year I am traveling on my own with Aiste (she needs to come with me due to breastfeeding) to races and events. Andrew, my hubby has to work and taking both kids on my own and racing is just not feasable so Tav gets to hang with one of his fav buddies at home and spend time with dad when he is not working:)
Its a funny arrangement and not a perfect one but so far it seems to be working, neither of us gets to rest unfortunately but it does allow me to get back into the SUP scene whilst having two very small kids.
Photo by Andrew Cassidy
Trip number one to Carolina Cup was such a success with Aiste that I wasn't too worried about the next one but I don't think I fully thought it through.. You see, I get very excited very easily about things and despite warnings from my smart and responsible husband I get myself into some adventurous situations. This one was a 48 hour journey, 3 flights with one being a 14 hour flight and too many hours of layovers to a very hot hot hot country with a 6 month old.

Photo by Andrew Cassidy

We are almost 2 weeks in and it all seems to be working amazingly well. yes, I am tired, and yes I don't get to paddle as much as I would like and yes its too hot for Aiste and YES people have been amazingly helpful and kind. Aiste is the best travelling baby I have ever met... she doesnt cry, she loves people and exploring and she even decided it would be a great time to learn to crawl...eeek. I can't go to the bathroom without her now.. hahaha.
Photo by Andrew Cassidy

Thanks to our various babysitters who all have been amazing and have taken time out of their day so I could get out on the water.  I since feel stronger and fitter and my skills are coming back. I would wake up early make sure Aiste was fed and changed, babysitter would arrive to my room I would go out and join the boys for a morning training session then would return to feed Aiste and begin our day. At some point someone would watch her so I could do a quick surf session otherwise we would hang at the pool etc. While she sleeps I can do some bodyweight exercises in the room or go for a stroller run if its not crazy hot...

Photo by Andrew Cassidy
It's been so great to hang and train with the Race team, to meet some dealers and the people who make it all happen. Our photo shoot day was surreal and Thai food is simply the best.

Photo by Andrew Cassidy

Martin and Nok have been the greatest hosts... I know Aiste and I are some pretty lucky girls

live, love, laugh,...Dream BIG!!!

Photo by Chris Parker

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Rick Weeks said...

Aiste..... cutest baby in the world!
Super smiley and happy :-)
So fun to meet the two of you and see you make this happen!