May 12, 2018

still traveling with my 6 month old...The Island of Zamami: Team Sunova Racing in Japan

photos by Georgia Paddle League

Aiste is asleep so thought I would take the chance to write a quick update from Japan.
Raced the beautiful Kerama Blue Cup in Zamami事務局 Japan... I experienced a whirlwind of emotions out there on the beautiful 18km course... it was fun.
After a rough start, I found myself with lots of alone time out on the water. I had plenty of time to think and reflect on life while grinding it out and sweating like a beast. I seem to have become rusty on a few of my racing techniques. I am hoping that with some more racing practice these skills will come back to life:) As I was deliberating whether I belong back out here among the elite of the elite of the sport after a poor start and working hard but not gaining ground something inside of me sparked up....I can remember the moment the switch happened, I actually started getting my race mojo back and I began to paddle my brains out...and made up loads of ground on the racers ahead of me. It was a little too late in the game unfortunately, as I couldn't quite catch 3rd but in the end I got pretty close:) I am hoping this was the switch I was looking for and my fire has been stoked.. we will see:)

...With the help of my amazing team Sunova Surfboards anything is possible. and YES we all paddled two piece boards:) WHAAAT!

photos by Georgia Paddle League

The best part of it all: I had the cutest cheerleader greet me at the finish. Thanks again to all of my babysitters, I could not do it without you:)

This island is beautiful:) Congrats to everyone who made and paddled and just got out there and tried their best:) Werner Paddles Sunova Canada Nikki Rekman The Paddle League KAVU Vaikobi Canada Black Project SUP Photos by Georgia

photos by Georgia Paddle League

photos by Georgia Paddle League
Next up..... after a little party to celebrate: We start making our long journey back home:) We miss our boys:) 

Live, love, laugh,...Dream BIG!!!!!!!!


Rick Weeks said...

Be fierce! Fierce come from inside and gets stronger the harder you bear down. Use it all up.....nothing left at the finish. You got this!!!

Unknown said...

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