May 25, 2010

MOMAR 2010 Squamish

Can I make it? Will I make it? Yes, no, yes, no, maybe, no.....yes!!!!! I am so glad that I was able to participate in the race. First off a much needed THANK YOU to my very own Andrew for essentially getting me there and making it all happen for me. Second, a big huge thanks to Bryan and Jen Segger for putting on yet another fabulous Momar Event.

I hadn't realized how much I have missed AR racing until this weekend. It hasn't even been one full year since my last big race but I have been getting the itch for some time now to race another AR race... YAY!

This was my first attempt at racing AR Solo style... I was nervous as I can not even navigate when there is flagging on a course. Nav is not my strong point. Sometimes, one of the best ways to learn is to just put yourself in a situation where you must learn (I must do this with learning to drive stick...).

The Leman's start proved to be a great way to quickly disperse the racers before hitting some single track. The climb up was tough in sections with steep steep climbs on loose gravel. I was happy with my push to the top. I managed to ride close to all of the climbs. I have been riding more than usual this spring and it has shown in my confidence on the descents. I am excited that my technical riding is improving and I still have so much improvement to go... the learning is endless. The single track was awesome along with some of the classics and some new trails. Heading into the O course I was getting nervous (my weakness). Despite no significant time loss or major errors I kept my pace slow and tried hard to concentrate on my position at all times which sometimes is hard for me and my short focus span. It took me a little longer to find certain points but it could have been much much worse... I lost some time but did not panic about it. Finishing off the technical biking with the plunge and only one humorous fall off my bike it was time to hike the chief. I was feeling a little tired at this point and just took the hike up slowly but consistently. I managed to totally forget that I needed to summit and just followed signs without thinking. Fortunately, Lucy, another female racer pointed it out to me... I was annoyed that I had to backtrack etc. but got over it after the awesome repel off the Chief. I rocked the run back down (I am feeling so much more confident on my downhill running!!! running on the shore with Andrew has helped tons). The river crossing was great for the legs and I got to smile for Jordy and the cameras. I kept my eye on the map (which I amazingly was able to destroy by the end of the cases are recommended for a reason) the rest of the bike ride to town to ensure no unnecessary slip ups. Made it into town surprisingly as the first female...?!? I was confused so I just smiled and kept going certain I wasn't first. The urban run was short and sweet... It paid that i took some seconds to switch to my running shoes as running in bike shoes is just no fun at all ). I came through as the first female in 5 hours and 30 minutes. I am so happy with my performance. ALthough not a perfect race I tried to stay calm, stay consistent, have fun and not get lost... I succeeded. Thanks for a grand race and thank you ladies, for pushing hard... There are some strong women out there!

Fo results and pics go here

live, love, laugh,...DREAM!

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garobbins said...

Congrats Lina, great seeing ya out racing again!